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Life's expressions that make us think about it!

"Failure to lie in love with a man is a excuse for any love"

"The vast majority of human beings can not hope that happiness ever comes to an end, when nobody will be able to wait for the calamity and the fullest sense of fear." The mercy of the fate is the second time, and its decline is so long and unfulfilled that it is impossible for despair Not even the unpleasant smile Simukhltis he faced "
Genius expressions [4]Beatles - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

"A Lover of Love Has Her Opponent"

"Kindness and wisdom are alien to the glory as water is stopped at the height.

"I think that you can not live better if you try to get better and do not have more happiness when you feel better."

"Do not be scared of mistakes and fraudulent ways." To see your mistake is a great teacher - this is one of the main reasons for making it "

"The tendency towards life is the greatest trouble for a man so it is of utmost importance to get children to work hard since childhood"
"Every word is just as important as the listeners perceive it .You can not understand the meaning of the dignity of a person .That love is the one who is alien to you and you understand that the meaning of these words is that you will not be left to express words of love and dignity"

"Making a wife is necessary because you need to know why you should not marry"

"Our enemies are more useful than friends because pirates often forgive the foolishness of the enemies, while the enemies are emphasizing them and bringing your attention to it.

"If you want to be smart, learn a reasonable question, listen carefully, quiet answer and stop lapping, when you do not have anything to say"

"Learning does not know much about the wisdom, but the wise man does not know much, but what he knows is necessary for him and for people and knows what he knows is truly"

"A wise man has gone out of the house and looks out of the window through the heavenly mind, knowing what he needs to know, the less you know, the less you know, the wise man has the knowledge without knowledge, the things he perceives and does the great job Yes it's fine "
"Soldiers are getting war and the generals will get the name"

"One good thing will be to another, not the middle of them - this is a happy life"

"The fulfillment of the duty is not good, but its false imprint or something like"

"It will be good, every day has started: think, can you give me a single person today to give you happiness?"

"When you find a merit of merchants, it's worse, it's better if you think it's better than reality, forcing him to become better"

"5 people should know 5 things you do not need to do for the day." 2. Do you know what else you can do for yourself 3. Pride will cost you more expensive than food 4. Remember how much you have suffered because of what you have done 5. When you get angry , Until you hit something or say a hundred pieces and if you still do not care about a thousand ""Evil is causing impotence"

"Distinguished Talents Are Missing"

"As soon as we feel rage at debate, we are not arguing about the truth,

"Maybe it's better to have a morale in the list of hell torture, and on the contrary,

"Hate your hatred with kindness, until you see the difficulty until you have become insolent, pay attention to when it's still small, and the greatest difficulties will be when it's simple, the greatest engines start when it's still unnoticed"

"If a man deserves praise, you can not do it without any support and encouragement that you need, not just to drive him on the right path but to properly evaluate the work of others"

"Once in a thousand occurs when we regret it, but it is doubtful that at least once you wish to keep silence"
"Recognizing Your Mistakes-A Prosperity to Multiply"

"In comparison with the woman the woman understands more children, but the man is more like a child than a woman"

"Nothing in the way does not show the level of morality as what it is ashamed of and what it does not"

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