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What is happiness ??
What is happiness ??
Maybe happiness can be solved when we want something or even find a half of our life worthy of our life. who knows?? Happiness is a different feeling for everyone, caused by various reasons.

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Happiness? Every ray of the sun, which rarely lights out of the clouds and quickly falls on them, makes us feel happier with the happiness of the earthly happiness.
I find myself constantly looking for happiness in my heart: if he is not there, then you can not find it.Everything is looking for happiness but few find it wherever it is.Any happiness that can be lost is a false happiness .Science in being happy is very simple: Love your duties and seek for happiness in them. Happy happiness on earth For fading away, or that we leave him, or he dagvtovebs.hoi, I wish people could do, that happiness is not dependent on external circumstances, but the heart condition of the interior. Not surprisingly, to get happiness, nine mountains and nine mountains are crossed, and it's in our heart, where we almost do not see ... the feeling of happiness that comes with the fulfillment of my dreams.
Only one thing gives me strength and hope. Why do you know why? Where? How? But the dream always comes !! If you want it with your heart! If you meet there, where your dream is waiting for you !! -If it will happen happiness will always be with me ...


For happiness is not necessary to have a firm car, a very cool house, good clothes, good mobile, etc. For example, I am very satisfied, even listening to music, warmth, rain-punching, being with friends, watching an interesting program, etc. If you are in the mind, you are unhappy and you will never be happier then it will be so. We should try to have a positive attitude and life will be more clear in spite of many problems. Happiness does not last long, it suddenly comes and suddenly disappears.


Debate is an individual issue for all people, some are happy with some, some love, some one particular ambition and purpose, some are just as happy as they are. That's why I can not tell you something specific, every person should find the source of happiness and those who find it truly lucky, there are people who are searching for the whole life and there is nothing in the soul:


Happiness is so definitive and accurate notion ...
Happiness is when people around you who love you
Happiness is to do what you love ..
Happiness is even a minute's moment when you feel incredibly awesome and you think that's what it's like to wings up and wandering away.
Happiness is in tiny
It's not necessarily something great and inaccessible.
You can make a simple thing.
Simple warm words, simple thinking
Simple attitude .. little success ..


It is very easy to find happiness for me. Every day, in small details, in people, in items, even in clothes. It's just enough to look at something, look for someone and see everything in it, it's very effective ^ _ ^ Some people may feel that you can not enjoy every day. If that's not the case, then we should be able to see positive just about the background of negativity and everything will be fine. I started thinking about it a few months ago and I have been living for so long. But believe me I do not have a perfect life. Such details are such positive, natural, and positive energy that makes a person happy in the end.


In short, happiness takes a great deal of life in my life and one of the most attention is paid to me.My little thing can be a great happiness. But you're the key to achieving happiness and you should try to be happy.


What is happiness? .. In my opinion, happiness is what you love and enjoy what makes you happy and pleases your senses. All happiness perceives different things, happiness for others is the material condition, some of his achievements in life, happiness for me is just a healthy and quiet life.


What is happiness ... Hmmm .. There are many things that can be happiness but for me personally happiness is the kind of people you love most.

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