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Afghan girl Sharbati Ghul - This photo is taken into the National Geographic project "Green Eyes", that green eyes as a genetic feature appeared during the Mongol rule. It was taken by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry in 1985
People who have left their traces in history (in 1)

Buzz Aldrin - The photo taken in 1969 by Neil Armstrong. These were the people who first stood on the moon.

Muhammad Ali was the 3rd World Champion in boxing (heavyweight category). His real name was Cassius Clay, although in 1967, after the Islam (Muslim faith), the name was changed. Photographer - Ira Rosenberg

Woody Allen - is a well-known filmmaker, playwright, and a comedian genre writer. That's Woody Allenia's directorial genius film Annie Hall. He was also scandalously familiar with his daughter Soon-Yi Previn, who are still together. The photographer and the year are not known.

Marie Antoinette - the last queen of France, known as the victim of guiltyin (cut off with guillotine) during the French Revolution. He was distinguished with overwhelming generosity even when the country was in severe economic conditions. Artist Joseph Ducreux - 1769 year

Jeanne d'Arc - led by Jana Druck, was fighting the English invaders who tried to invade his homeland and helped Charles VII to reach the throne of France. He is a saint in the Catholic Church. Artist Eugene Thirion - 1876 year

Lance Armstrong - a cyclist who has cancer cancer in order to become the winner of the Tour de France. Photo by Annie Leibovitz, taken during the next triumph in 1999, is exhibited at the Oswald Gallery of France.

Louis Armstrong - Jazmann, who performed extraordinarily vocal works, also played various musical instruments, including the trumpet. It was released on stage, as well as solo programs with musicians. He died with sudden death (heart failure) in 1971. Photographed by the World-Telegram photographer - 1953

Neil Armstrong - American aviator, former astronaut, university professor and US pioneer pilot, as I have already told you the first man who stood on the moon. Photographer NASA / Edwin E. Aldrin Jr, 1969

Fred Astaire, who played in a lot of music movies. In this 10 movie with Ginger Rogers. After 1981, he was already taking part in varied varieties. The photographer and the year are not known

Ludwig van Beethoven - German composer and pianist. Which was a key figure in Western classical music. It was also one of the most influential and distorted composers. Artist Joseph Karl Stiele, 1820 year

Alexander Graham Bell is a well-known scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator who first invented the phone in the world. Photographer Unknown (Photograph of the Library of Congress), 1904

Marlon Brando is an actor who has played a number of memorable roles in films such as A Streetcar Named Desire and The Wild One, which was used as a film poster in 1954

Humphrey Bogart is famous for the films Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon. He was the star of the Hollywood Gold Age. Photographer George Harrell, 1939

Napoléon Bonaparte - a state coup in France, resulting in the coming to power in 1799. After five years he declared himself the Emperor of France. During his tenure, he successfully carried out military campaigns in Egypt and Italy. It further strengthened its reputation. Napoleon's Code Many laws still exist in different countries. Artist Antoine-Jean Gros, 1802

Bono - his real name is Paul David Hewson. He named this nickname by his friend Gavin Friday. Bono's name did not like until he heard that he translated as "good voice". Bono is known not only as a leader of the group U2 but as a successful activist - to fight the world hunger strike, apartheid and AIDS. Photographer Ricardo Stuckert - 2006

Al Capone - one of the most famous gangster in the United States, was in love with the fact that during the "dry law" the country was supplied with alcohol and hated because of the killings of people trying to strengthen their business. The photo is accompanied by its inherent cigar, which is not known by the author

Fidel Castro, a former Cuban leader who ruled the country for 50 years. He defeated the dictator Batista with the support of the US government

Charlie Chaplin was not only an exceptional comedian actor but also a founder of the legendary Studio United Artists. The photo taken by the studio photographer is a picture of "Mocheletale" - 1905 year

The picture of Jesus Christ performed by Warner Sallman in 1940, with more than 500 million copies, allows us to consider one of the most famous works in history.

Winston Churchill - was British Prime Minister during World War II. He was considered a genius of the strategy that brought the victory to the alliance. In addition, the talented writer was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. This photo was taken in Ottawa's Parliament - Canada, after the photographer Yousuf Karsh. Churchill was angry when his favorite cigar was postponed when the picture was taken. 1941 year

Kurt Cobain is an American musician who is more famous as the leader of the band Nirvana, a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. On April 8, 1994, he was found dead at his home in Seattle. According to the official version, the cause of his death was a suicide, a musician shot a gun. The circumstances of his death were widely and actively discussed. Photographer Mark Seliger.

Christopher Columbus - a navigator, colonizer, researcher. Because of his travels, the American continent was discovered in the western hemisphere around the Atlantic Ocean.

Marie Curie was a chemist, physicist and first man who won 2 Nobel Prize. He introduced the term "radioactivity". He first used radiation therapy in the fight against cancer and discovered two new items.

Salvador Dalí - a surrealist artist who has created a lot of works, including films, sculptures, and of course painting. In addition, he worked with Alfred Hitchcock on the film Spellbound. But neither the artist nor the director could ever make this film. His well-known whitewash is not as good as Philippe Halsman's photo - 1942

Leonardo da Vinci - was named "The Man of the Renaissance", thanks to its invention and scientific theories. This picture is a red card with a red charm in 1512-1512.

Charles Darwin - the theory of origin, has caused great trouble, after Darwin has proven that humans are descendants of monkeys. Later, a well-reputed Darwin, people and scholars called the dreamer who opposed religious teachings. Artist John Collier, 1881

Bette Davis - was not only a famous actor but also the first female president of the Cinematography and Art Academy

Miles Davis - a man who has been playing since childless since 1991. In 1991, Grammy was awarded for contribution to music. Davis was not the first jazz musician, but its impact was crucial in the development of jazz. Photo author unknown.

Charles de Gaulle - headed by French units during the French occupation of Nazi Germany. In 1958 he founded the 5th Republic of France, whose president was 10 years old. The photo taken by the Navy's military headquarters in 1942

Charles Dickens - a popular English writer. He was a strong social fighter who expressed his opinion through the themes that he raised in his book. Charles Baugniet. Photo by 1858

Marlene Dietrich's career has begun with the roles of German cabarettes. Later he participated in the American films produced before the war. Then she left Germany and moved to America. In spite of the Nazi Party's request for World War II, he did not return because they did not take their policy. No Highway in the Sky poster 1951 year

James Dean - one of the greatest actors of all time, whose gorgeous appearance is accompanied by his extraordinary roles in films - Giant & Rebel Without a Cause. He died in a car accident at the age of 24. "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars" advertising poster 1955

Princess Diana - wife of Prince Charles of Great Britain. Whose marriage has been ruined in a few years by the Prince's secret relationship with Camilla Parker, who is now his wife. Diana's charity work, the organization of various humanitarian assistance, gained great love not only in Britain but in different countries of the world. His favorite photographer was Patrick Demarchelier, and the photo he photographed was published in 1997 after the death of People Diana

His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV is the emblem of God for Buddhist monks. Photo of Luca Galuzzi 2007 year

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