What is happiness ??
Maybe happiness can be solved when we want something or even find a half of our life worthy of our life. who knows?? Happiness is a different feeling for everyone, caused by various reasons.

What is happiness ??

Life's expressions that make us think about it!

"Failure to lie in love with a man is an excuse for any love"

"The vast majority of human beings can not hope that happiness ever comes to an end, when nobody will be able to wait for the calamity of the calamity and the fullest sense of fear." The mercy of the fate is the second time, and its decline is so long and unfulfilled that it is impossible for despair Not even the unpleasant smile Simukhltis he faced "

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50 books you need to read while you are alive, this young project might think of a young reader of all questions, if you've read any of them you will probably notice that each of these 50's are as strong as your favorite. In the 50s, the survey was selected by 100 people with the help of the population Beyond the literary literature and people's opinion, 50 works were published. This theme is still relevant on different internet sites, namely: in the forum and on Facebook, you probably have seen the TV debate, but one thing is obviously all of these 50 books are really mentally " Strong "authors
50 books that you should read before you live

Phrases in the autumn

Phrases in the autumn

Autumn smell. I love Russian autumn. Something incredibly sad, attractive and
  Beautiful. It is terribly tired to travel somewhere with cranes.

Winter is engraving, spring - watercolor, summer - oil painted canvas, and autumn - all of them mosaic.


"Billboard MILESTONE AWARDS" started to vote in 2013 Only 3 finalists can vote: Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars or Justin Biber.
Taylor Swift is the most lucky one, she has been nominated for 11 awards.


We present you portraits of famous people who have played a major role in world history.
I hope you enjoy the collection of presented portraits here, maybe even some smile, but after watching this post I want to find out what makes each portrait unique and memorable
People who have left their traces in history (in 1)

Megan Fox was photographed in the streets of Brentewood.
Miranda Kerry was photographed in the streets of California.
Kim Kardashian with his family in the streets of Havana.
Demi Lovato at 'AOL NewFront 2016' in New York.
Alessandra Ambrosio at the photosynthesis pitch, in Malibu.
Sophie Turner was spotted at the BBC studio in London.
Sophia Vergara at ATAS Emmy Event, in Los Angeles.
Blake Lively Noticed the departure of Nice Airport in France.
Ryan When George left Bald's restaurant, he noticed Santa in Monica.
Jiji Hadiad was left in the streets of New York when leaving the hotel.
Dacota Johnson along the biofront along the streets of New York.
Beat Prinslow and Adam Levin go to lunch, in western Hollywood.
Rachel McCaddas filming 'Sonic Sea' at the show in New York.
Lady Gaga Along with Elton John's wife on the lunch of the singer's collection.
Milla Kunis and Ashton Catcher were lured to lunch in California.
Elizabeth Olsen and Sebastian Stan on the screening of 'Captain America: Civil War'.
Judy Foster and Kristen Stuart at the opening of Judy Star in Hollywood.
Jennifer Lawrence and James McEvoy on the screening of 'X-Men: Apocalypse' in London.
Paparazzi Photos: 2–9

Shakira was spotted in the streets of Barcelona with little climbing.
Kennedy's Swinbollon was shown on the streets of New York.
Bela Hardy with friends in the pool of the hotel in France.
Taylor Swift 'BMI Pop Awards' at Beverly Hills.
Dooucne Cruz was caught while leaving the airport in France.
Ryan was caught during the nightclub in western Hollywood.
Blake Lively on the red carpet of the '2016 Cannes Film Festival' in Cannes.
Aishwarya Bachan and Marion Kotari at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
Miranda Kerry with a bayfront on a dinner at the White House, in Washington.
Jiji Hadiad was photographed on the pitch, in New York.
Josh Hartnett 'KB' at the entrance of the radio studio in London.
Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro 'GLAAD Media Awards' in New York.
Ryan Gosling 'Good Morning America' while leaving the studio in New York.
Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba at the '2016 Webby Awards' in New York.
Ann Hitevei with his spouse on 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' promotion.
Christine Stuart and Kendall Jener '2016 Cannes Film Festival, in France.
Sheryl Fernandez Versin and Liam Payne at the Cannes Film Festival.
Megan Fox and Stephen Amel 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows'' s Event.

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Ketty Perry and Orlando Bloom with friends in lunch, Cannes.
Shakira was detected while leaving the Miami International Airport.
Christine Stuart 'Personal Shopper' premiere at Cannes Film Festival.
Priyanka Chopra Attending '2016 ABC Upfront Presentation' in New York.
Kendall Jenner and Scott Diesk attend the 'Chopard Wild Party' in Cannes.
Adriana Lima, Barbara Palvin and Isabel Gulart at Cannes Film Festival.
Judy Foster and Jack O'Connell on 'Money Monster' photo shoot in Berlin.
Jamie Dornnani along with his wife and children noticed in the streets of Vancouver.
Leighton Mister '2016 Fox Upfront Presentation Allstar Party' in New York.
Angelina Jolie was spotted with her brother and child at Lax Airport.
Kim Kardashian on 'De Grisogono' party at the Cannes Film Festival.
Sentinol and Hermann Nicole were seen walking down the streets of New York.
[b]Miley Cyrus
to attend the 2016 NBC Upfront Party, New York.
Irina Sheik, Tony Garn and Dooucu Cruz 'L'Oreal Paris Blue Obsession Party.
Leah Michel and Emma Roberts '2016 Fox Upfront Presentation Party' in New York.
Irina Sheik, Rossi Hettington Whitley and Alessandra Ambrosio at Cannes Film Festival.
Bela Hadiad On the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in front of paparazzi.
Paparazzi Photos: 16–18
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