Jessica Alba along with his wife on the Hawaiian coast.
Ema Roberts at the entrance of the airport was spotted in Miami.
Ryan leaving friends in the restaurant with friends in France.
Alessandra Ambrosio at 'Global Gift Gala' in Spain.
Sophie Turner visited London's Hampstead lunch in London.
Rita Ora went to work in New York Street.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agadali were spotted on the coast of Malibu.
Jamie Dornnan with his wife and Dakonta Johnson, in France.
Kendall Jenner at Oue SkySpace Launch, in Los Angeles.
Adam Levin with his friend leaving the sporting board in New York.
Nina Dobrev was spotted in the latest film shooting scene in Canada.
Jiji Hadiad and Zeine Melik Noticed in the departure of the New York City.
Alicia Wickner and Matt Damon at the premiere of 'Jason Bourne' in Madrid.
Irina Sheik and Bradley Cooper at the pool of the hotel in Italy.
Monica Beluch was spotted at the TV show shooting venue in Venice.
Kyle Jenner with her mother on Auction, in Los Angeles.
Priyanka Chopra on TV show 'Quantico' at New York City.
Blake Lively and Kristen Stuart at the promotion of 'Cafe Society' in New York.
Kim Kardashian was seen at the 'REVOLVE Clothing's Hamptons Party'.

Paparazzi photos: 12-17
Tags: Paparazzi

Mila Kunis at the premiere of his latest movie, New York.
Kendall Jener was shown on the streets of Beverly Hills.
Alicia Wickner at the premiere of 'Jason Bourne' in Las Vegas.
Irina Sheik and Bradley Cooper during the holidays in Italy.
Beyonce and Jay-Z were shopping in Milan's streets in Italy.
Nina Dobrev and Ellen Paigi notice at the age of two, in Toronto.
Alessandra Ambrosio along with his wife was found in the streets of Marbella.
Blake Lively was attending the event at New York.
Kyle Jener at the entrance to the studio in Western Hollywood.
Kim Kardashian was left in the Los Angeles streets while leaving the studio.
Jessica Alba with her husband noticed on the Hawaiian shore.
Pred Pitt at the entrance of the Lax airport, in Los Angeles.
Kara Dellevin and Dean Dehann at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con Festival.
Dacotta Johnson and Jamie Dornan were shot at the second, in Paris.
Penelope Cruz The business meeting was observed in New York's streets.
Jiji Hadiad photographed at the twenties of the New York streets.
Miranda Kerry was photographed at the beach on the beach of Malibu.
Adriana Lima and Ashley Benson 'Jacobs Divine Decadence Fragrance' lunch.
Leonardo DiCaprio, Prudley Cooper and Dooucne Cruz Leo's 'Fundraising Auction'.
Paparazzi photos: 17-21
Tags: Paparazzi

Lady Gaga Noticed in the streets of New York on leaving the hotel.
Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted in Santa Monica's streets.
Dowuncus Cruz with his wife on the yacht was spotted in Spain.
Lily Oldridge Noticed in the New York streets when leaving the hotel.
Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Norve Vest noticed in California.
Beyonce and Jay-Z were caught in the streets of Paris when leaving the restaurant.
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas 'St. Noticed in the streets of Tropez.
Irina Sheik and Bradley Cooper walk on the yacht in Italy.
Margo Robbie and Will Smith 'Suicide Squad' promotion at Toronto.
Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby Maguire and Nina Agadali on the yacht, in Ibiza.
Mila Kunis filming 'Bad Moms' premiere in California.
Kara Dellein At the entrance of the hotel was found in the streets of New York.
The 'The Walking Dead's Cinematic Members' 2016 Comic-Con Photos.
Ryan were together with friends in the streets of the Czech capital of Prague.
Michael Faybess and Alice Wickander leave the hotel in New York.
The members of the 'Vampire Diaries' at the 2016 Comic-Con Panel, in San Diego.
Ventvort Miller, Dominic Purcell and Sarah Wein Kelsey '2016 Comic-Con'.
Taylor Swift and Tom Heidelstown notice the departure of the Beverly Hills.
Paparazzi photos: 25-31
Tags: Paparazzi

Beat Prinslo lanched in the streets of California.
Dacota Johnson was lured to the streets of California.
Keith Herrington on the mondial streets of Montreal.
Jessica Alba '2016 Teen Choice Awards' carpet, in California.
Nicole Schillinger was spotted on a yacht with friends in Greece.
Kristen Stuart along with friends in the Los Angeles streets.
Cristiano Ronaldo with friends in one of the Miami swimming pools.
Selena Gomez Noticed in the atmosphere of the departure of Tokyo airport.
Ross Hettington-Waitle and Jason Stuttheim were spotted in the streets of Malibu.
Angelina Jolie with children in shopping at one of California's stores.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill with friends in New York's streets.
Alessandra Ambrosio with friends on the coast of Brazil.
Kyle Jener and Tiga at the entrance to the restaurant, Beverly Hills.
Kim Kardashian along with the sisters to reach the 19th birthday of Kyle.
Kara Dellevin, Margo Robbie and Jared Leato 'Suicide Squad' premiere in New York.
Paparazzi photos: 30-2

Kendall Jenner hit Harper's Bazaar's June / July issue. In front of Karl Lagerfeld's lens, Kendall posed with balmine, Michael Cors and Chanel's swimming suits. Together with the photos, there is an interview with the model and photographer in which Kendall recalls his first meeting with Lagerfeld.

The first time I met him two years ago, I was very nervous because the first season for me was Chanel's first show and I really did not know what I was doing. Generally I am very shy when I meet someone for the first time. I know from Kare Dellein about how kind of funny and just a cool type. And now every time we work together, our relationship becomes more and more improved


The new pair of teenagers - model Jiji Hadiad and musician Zeyn Malik (formerly 1D) who have been photographed for a few months, have photographed by photographer Mario Testeno for VOGUE. Couples will decorate the edition of the American Vogue May, they are dressed in retro style Italy, on the background of the Naples seaside town.


Dolce & Gabbana offers an advertising campaign for the spring of 2016. Very colorful, happy photosynthesis is typical of Italian life with joy, silence, saklukti and of course spaghetti. Designers do not betray their style and dressing on the coffeehorn and marine themes


American model Bela Hardy was founded in the April edition of Spanish Harper's Market. Txema Yeste was photographed and Juan Cebrian took care of the style. Jewelry that are used in the photos of Dior, Bulgaria and Cartier.

Bela Hadiad Harper in the Market in April

Russian supermodel Irina Shake has been in the role of sports Iillustrated for years. Model photos are always special. With the Irina crew group for 2016, I visited the Tait Islands, exchanging photos of the photosynthesis with small sharks and fishes, and Irene positively and seductively.


The platinum-blonde model Elsa Hosk is still a promo of MVI's jeans. In the autumn-winter dynamic photography of 2016, he joined models such as Jordan Barrett and Francisco Lachowski. They are manufactured in the partnership of BRAND MAVI and Adriano Goldschmeid. MAVI jeans renovated the design and retained their specialty Indigo Move Uniforms, jeans - who have their flexible material sporting clothing. The Swede model is jeans in the promotion of the advertising campaign.

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