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Victoria Beckham shopping in Singapore shopping mall.
Paparazzi Photos: 10-12

Adrian Lima noticed the departure of Lax's airport.

Kit Harrington on the rink field in London noticed.

Julianne Hafe with Boyfriend in Santa Monica's streets.

Sophia Bush Happily with his friend, Hollywood.

Dooucru Cruz 'Africa Mother's Day' carnival on New York.

Ellen Dejanera and Portia Rossi in the streets of West Hollywood.

Justin Bieber along with his mother at Leicers' Play in New York.

Christina Aguilera Along with Fellow and Child in Los Angeles.

* * *

Ferdin and Josh Duomel with his son in Brentwood.

Ryan with the best friend at the Lakers match in New York.

* * *

Naomi Watts with her husband and children in the Brentewood streets.

Ivan Rachel Wood L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Event, Beverly Hills

Olivia Wild and Jason Sudekicis with Otis in New York's streets.

Beyonce and Jay-Z with Jack Gilenhole in the Leicers game in Brooklyn.

Shakira 102.7 KIIS FM's on Wango Tango Performance Performance Performance.

Scarlett Johansson accompanied by Samcro on the royal family wedding, in London.

Category: Photos

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