Lupita Nintogo at the premiere of her Broadway show in New York.
Tony Garny's 'Berlin Film Festival' red carpet, Germany.
Kim Kardashiani and Kanye Winta in the streets of New York.
Lily Collins and Methi Bomer at the film's shooting scene, Hollywood.
Mila Kunis at its most recent project, Los Angeles.
Alicia Wickner and Michael Fawbender leave the party in London.
Selena Gomez visited 'The Morning Mash Up' studio in California.
Keith Perry and Ariana Grande at the 'The Creators Party' in Los Angeles.
Adele and Robbie Williams along with their partners leave the restaurant.
Emily Ratajkowski attends the event in the New York Fashion Week.
Rosemund Pake 'Charles Finch and Chanel Pre-BAFTA cocktail party' in London.
Lana Del Rey, present at the 2016 Billboard Power 100 Celebration, in California.
Kendall Jenner and Jiji Hadiad on 'Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2016 Fashion Show'.
John Legend, Christy Tigen and Christine Aguilera 'Clive Davis Pre-Grammys Gala'.
Dacota Johnson, Eddie Redmine and Emilia Clark at the 'Lancome BAFTA Nominees Party'.
Kentucky's Sweeney and Carly Closs at 'Marvel and Garage Magazine Party' in New York.
Ryan, Demi Lovato and Nicole Schillinger 'MusiCares Person of the Year' in Los Angeles.
Miranda Kerry Boyfriend with 'Clive Davis Pre-GRAMMY Gala and Salute to Industry Icons'.
Paparazzi photos: 10-14

Kit Harrington at the entrance to the BBC Radio Studios, London.
Alice Wachander with friends on a yacht in Rio de Janeiro.
Miranda Kerry at the entrance to the New York Airport.
Irina Sheik 'SIRIN LABS launches at party', in London.
Norman Ridus was lured to the streets of New York.
Tom Hardy with his wife at 'Audi Polo Challenge' in London.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye Waesta noticed in the lanch, in Malibu.
Colin Farell at the entrance to Jimmy Goodyell studio in Los Angeles.
Diane Krueger at the premiere of his latest movie 'Sky' in Berlin.
Rosetti Hettington-Waitle and Jason Stettheim leaving the restaurant.
Nina Dobrev was caught in the Los Angeles streets while leaving the store.
Penelope Cruz at the premiere of his latest movie 'Father' in New York.
Ryan noticed the road to the photosynthesis, in New York.
Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted in New York City when leaving office.
Bar Rafael along with his wife noticed in the streets of Barcelona.
Christine Stuart at the 'Chanel Paris in Rome collection', in China.
Megan Fox At the entrance to the studio of Jimmy Goodyell, Hollywood.
Emilia Clark at the premiere of his latest movie 'Me Before You' in London.
James McEvoy at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert's studio in New York.
Paparazzi photos: 25-31

Emma Watson was lured to london in the streets of London.
Kyle Jener Noticed the departure of the studio in Los Angeles in the streets of Los Angeles.
Selena Gomez was photographed on the pitch, in New York.
Emma Stone went to work in New York Street.
Leonardo DiCaprio with friends in the streets of New York.
Lily Oldridge along with his wife in the streets of New York.
Kim Kardashian left office in the streets of California.
Michael FBB and Alissa Wickner noticed when leaving the building in Sydney.
Mila Kunis and Ashton Catcher at the '2016 NBA Finals' in California.
Kennedy Swinso and Downecz Cruz walked in Manhattan's streets.
Jessica Alba was spotted with her spouse and daughters in the streets of Hollywood.
[b]Jiji Hadiad
at the 2016 Spike TV Guys 'Choice Awards', in California.
Chris Hemsworth, Tom Heidlerton, Chris Ivens and Sebastian Stan at the press conference.
Elizabeth Olsen and Rose Barn [201] Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, New Jersey.
[b]Ross Hettington Whitley and Heidi Klum
'2016 CFDA Fashion Awards' in New York.
Cameron Diaz with his wife at 'House of Harlow 1960 x Revolve event' in Los Angeles.
Irina Shake, Alessandra Ambrosio and Dooune Cruz '2016 CFDA Fashion Awards' in New York.
Paparazzi photos: 1-6

Keith Harrington was spotted in London streets.
Miley Cyrus was spotted at the entrance to the New York Airport.
Nina Dobrev with her friend was spotted in Santa Monica's streets.
Rosetta Hettington-Wyetle noticed the departure of the hotel in New York.
Alessandra Ambrosio along with children noticed in the streets of Los Angeles.
Sophie Turner walked to Lanch in the streets of Southern London.
Keith Perry is a guest at the 'Cindy Sherman Exhibition Preview' in New York.
Michael Fahbender and Alice Wickender go to lunch in Sydney streets.
Kim Kardashian and Cane Weege were caught while leaving the Lax airport.
Jiji Hadiad and Zein Melik noticed the departure of the apartment in New York.
Riana Giorgio was spotted at the entrance to Baldie's restaurant, Santa Monica.
Charlie Hanem was spotted in the streets of Los Angeles along with her girlfriend.
Travis's fame is the premiere of his latest movie 'Warcraft' in Hollywood.
When Emma Stone left the beauty salon, she was spotted in western Hollywood.
Fibi Tonkin and Paul Wesley lanched in the streets of New York.
Sirisha Ronan and Kate Blanchett at the '2016 Tony Awards' in New York.
Courtney Kardashian at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, London.
Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill, Sarah Sampayo and Emily Ratajkowski at 'CFDA Fashion Awards'.
Paparazzi Photos: 7-12

Lily Aldridge & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
ELLE Australia’s June issue

Supermodels Rosing Huntington-Waitle and Lily Oldridge decorate the ELL's June edition. White dresses modeled by Simon Upton was shot in California on the Malibu coast. The edition Pink Hope is a campaign for women's health, and the models talk about their lifestyle and friendship.


Bar Refaeli covers ELLE Spain, june 2016
The fashion field is definitely a boom. This time they will become mothers: Bar Raphael, Kentucky Swinboll and Bate Priscul. The Jewish model of Spanish Elle's June edition has been designed to showcase the position of the great abdomen dressed in famous designers. Barra Raphael photographer Eyal Nevo has shot and stylist Inmaculada Jimenez has made him wear Dior, Isabel Marant, Eres and Cartier jewelry.


"Billboard MILESTONE AWARDS" started to vote in 2013 Only 3 finalists can vote: Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars or Justin Biber.
Taylor Swift is the most lucky one, she has been nominated for 11 awards.


Megan Fox was photographed in the streets of Brentewood.
Miranda Kerry was photographed in the streets of California.
Kim Kardashian with his family in the streets of Havana.
Demi Lovato at 'AOL NewFront 2016' in New York.
Alessandra Ambrosio at the photosynthesis pitch, in Malibu.
Sophie Turner was spotted at the BBC studio in London.
Sophia Vergara at ATAS Emmy Event, in Los Angeles.
Blake Lively Noticed the departure of Nice Airport in France.
Ryan When George left Bald's restaurant, he noticed Santa in Monica.
Jiji Hadiad was left in the streets of New York when leaving the hotel.
Dacota Johnson along the biofront along the streets of New York.
Beat Prinslow and Adam Levin go to lunch, in western Hollywood.
Rachel McCaddas filming 'Sonic Sea' at the show in New York.
Lady Gaga Along with Elton John's wife on the lunch of the singer's collection.
Milla Kunis and Ashton Catcher were lured to lunch in California.
Elizabeth Olsen and Sebastian Stan on the screening of 'Captain America: Civil War'.
Judy Foster and Kristen Stuart at the opening of Judy Star in Hollywood.
Jennifer Lawrence and James McEvoy on the screening of 'X-Men: Apocalypse' in London.
Paparazzi Photos: 2–9

Shakira was spotted in the streets of Barcelona with little climbing.
Kennedy's Swinbollon was shown on the streets of New York.
Bela Hardy with friends in the pool of the hotel in France.
Taylor Swift 'BMI Pop Awards' at Beverly Hills.
Dooucne Cruz was caught while leaving the airport in France.
Ryan was caught during the nightclub in western Hollywood.
Blake Lively on the red carpet of the '2016 Cannes Film Festival' in Cannes.
Aishwarya Bachan and Marion Kotari at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
Miranda Kerry with a bayfront on a dinner at the White House, in Washington.
Jiji Hadiad was photographed on the pitch, in New York.
Josh Hartnett 'KB' at the entrance of the radio studio in London.
Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro 'GLAAD Media Awards' in New York.
Ryan Gosling 'Good Morning America' while leaving the studio in New York.
Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba at the '2016 Webby Awards' in New York.
Ann Hitevei with his spouse on 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' promotion.
Christine Stuart and Kendall Jener '2016 Cannes Film Festival, in France.
Sheryl Fernandez Versin and Liam Payne at the Cannes Film Festival.
Megan Fox and Stephen Amel 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows'' s Event.

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Ketty Perry and Orlando Bloom with friends in lunch, Cannes.
Shakira was detected while leaving the Miami International Airport.
Christine Stuart 'Personal Shopper' premiere at Cannes Film Festival.
Priyanka Chopra Attending '2016 ABC Upfront Presentation' in New York.
Kendall Jenner and Scott Diesk attend the 'Chopard Wild Party' in Cannes.
Adriana Lima, Barbara Palvin and Isabel Gulart at Cannes Film Festival.
Judy Foster and Jack O'Connell on 'Money Monster' photo shoot in Berlin.
Jamie Dornnani along with his wife and children noticed in the streets of Vancouver.
Leighton Mister '2016 Fox Upfront Presentation Allstar Party' in New York.
Angelina Jolie was spotted with her brother and child at Lax Airport.
Kim Kardashian on 'De Grisogono' party at the Cannes Film Festival.
Sentinol and Hermann Nicole were seen walking down the streets of New York.
[b]Miley Cyrus
to attend the 2016 NBC Upfront Party, New York.
Irina Sheik, Tony Garn and Dooucu Cruz 'L'Oreal Paris Blue Obsession Party.
Leah Michel and Emma Roberts '2016 Fox Upfront Presentation Party' in New York.
Irina Sheik, Rossi Hettington Whitley and Alessandra Ambrosio at Cannes Film Festival.
Bela Hadiad On the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in front of paparazzi.
Paparazzi Photos: 16–18
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