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Beyonce and Jay-Z were caught on the Hawaiian shore.
Paparazzi Photos: 19-20

Rooney Mara and Jack Gillenhawl were spotted in New York's streets.

Sofia Vergara noticed in the streets of Western Hollywood.

Irina Shakki was photographed at New York City.

Jiji Hadiad was spotted in the New York Airport.

Jessica Cheestein noticed in the Prada Foundation event, in Milan.

Ryan and Kara Dellein noticed in the streets of Amsterdam in the streets of Amsterdam.

Jennifer Lopez was noticed at the business meeting in New York's streets.

Leonardo DiCaprio with friends in the streets of New York.

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Rita Ora After leaving the sporting side, they were spotted in West Hollywood.

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Angelina Jolie 'U.S. Department at the conference hall in Washington, DC.

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Miranda Kerry Attending 'Marukome Miso Launch Celebration' in Tokyo.

Alexander Skarsgard during the interview in 'SiriusXM radio' studio.

Vance Haggens and Austin Butler were spotted in the streets of Portofino, Italy.

Scarlett Johansson attending Tony Bennett 's Evening in New York.

Jared Leto at Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring Summer, Milan.

Jamie Dornnan and Dacont Johnson 'Fifty Shades' scene in Vancouver.

Lady Gaga was spotted at the entrance to the sports hall in Los Angeles.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were spotted at New York City after leaving the hotel.

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